Best Localities In Gurgaon For Real Estate Investment

Over the last couple of years, Gurgaon has seen a large scale of development. Today it is reckoned as one of the most flourishing regions around Delhi for both residential as well as industrial growth. It is now a highly cosmopolitan areas and the residents range from Indians from across the country, as well as ex-pats. Many NRIs have invested in property in Gurgaon and plan to return to this city post retirement.

All in all, Gurgaon is one of the biggest urban lifestyle hubs in the country and the development continues to rise. From plush, luxurious villas, high rise condominiums to even mid-range homes, the real estate platter in Gurgaon offers something for everyone. In fact, many property experts consider Gurgaon real estate to be the ideal place for investment. Here we have listed out some of the best investment destinations in Gurgaon to help out those who plan to put their money in property.

1. Gurgaon Sohna Road
Sohna is a small town and popular tourist destination in the district of Gurgaon. In the last few years, it has gained popularity for being the most favored location for corporate events and conferences. Located three hours from Gurgaon, this town is undergoing massive redevelopment to prepare it for the expected incoming population and their needs. Sohna has many reputed education institutes and very good infrastructural facilities. It is the ideal time to invest in property here as it is still in the development stage and prices are considerably affordable.

2. NH8
NH8 is a part of the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway and the land around it is being readied for high-end commercial and residential real estate development. This highway also directly links to the Indira Gandhi National Airport and will soon be connected to the Gurgaon-Faridabad road as well making it highly accessible and connected to other parts around Gurgaon. Many developers are purchasing property for residential, industrial and resort development in this region making it a lucrative choice for investors.

3. Sector 43
Located close to the DLF Golf Course, this is a very popular area for investment. Sector 43 is a commercial hub with many corporate offices, malls, retail outlets, restaurants and hotels. In terms of real estate, there are many options of multi-storey buildings, bungalows and independent residential units. The pricing in this area is on the higher end as it can be considered a prime location in the city.

Many new developers are showing interest in Gurgaon real estate in and around the city which has led to the development of popular investment pockets in the region.

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Changes that Gurgaon’s residential markets expecting by the end of 2015

The residential market in and around Gurgaon is likely to experience a windfall with just a couple of months left in the year 2015. Major appreciation in the prices of esteemed projects will push the real estate market. With improved job opportunities in corporate sector, the Gurgaon residential market is definitely a smart investment destination for both mid-income and low-income categories.
Here are 6 major changes in the Gurgaon residential market that will not just set the trend rolling in 2015, but will also spill over into FY 2016-2017.

1. More than 1 lakh units ready for possession

Most projects in Gurgaon are complete. Though the promised date was year 2014, the benefits will be seen at the end of 2015. With 1 lakh units likely to accommodate as many families and investors, Gurgaon residents would no longer be dependent on the rental apartments to fulfil their dreams.

2. NH 8 is the new Hot Spot in investment market

The residential property prices are on a roll. The projects coming up along the National Highway Number 8 has seen a dramatic appreciation in the last quarter and it will continue till December 2015. With improved connectivity between Gurgaon and South Delhi locations like Manesar and Dwarka, new home buyers are exploring the idea of making the town their dream home. Golf Course Extension, Sector 70 and Sector 78 are popular alternatives in case you have a certain budget limitation.

3. Home Loans go cheaper

With the recent announcement of slashed points by RBI on loan interest, home loans will come cheaper. It is the best time to invest in a home, especially when you have enticing projects in 2 BHK and 3 BHK segment. If you are looking to invest in a plot or in commercial space, it is equally inspiring. By December 2015, the Gurgaon residential market is likely to see INR 350,000 being pumped in from across the country, exclusively as end-use purpose by December 2015.

4. Walk to your Office

Developers have picked the concept of “Walk to Your Office”, much like what you see in Pune’s Magarpatta City and IT city, Bangalore. Gurgaon residential market is ideal opportunity for professionals who are hired in the city for long-term projects. You can even invest in these projects in case you are not sure if Gurgaon will be your permanent base.

5. 350 Crores in next four years

Delhi-based developers, CHD Developers Limited will invest in the town till 2019. It is eyeing a 11 acre space with 10 lakh square feet of saleable area likely to fill in for the saturated South Delhi residential space. As of now, close to 1200 housing units will come by December 2018. By January 2016, the project will take wings.

6. Small is Big

Realty major DLF has already upped its prices by 4 percent in Gurgaon. Affordability with luxury will be available at premium prices considering the NRI investments pouring in from across the globe. It is also competing with neighbourhoods of Faridabad, Greater Noida, Greater Gurgaon and Yamuna Expressway. The major change in the approach of realty investors is the shift towards small-sized housing units, much like their Mumbai and Bangalore counterparts.

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Property prices in Gurgaon going sluggish in Q2

Housing in GurgaonWhile Gurgaon is always consider the barometer of success of the Indian real estate market in the Delhi NCR region, sluggish sales in the first quarter and likely to continue in the second quarter despite a falling interest rate scenario.  Gurgaon real estate market which has been growing strongly in the last number of years has witnessed lower demand as high prices are often being blamed as a deterrent for new investors. The availability of cheaper options in other areas of Delhi NCR especially Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Noida add strain to the Gurgaon real estate market. Most customers are delaying projects in Gurgaon due to high prices and poor affordability which is now beginning to hurt the developers with a higher unsold inventory.

Limited launches likely: real estate experts who have been tracing the trends of the real estate sector in Gurgaon are of the opinion that builders are likely to reduce the number of fresh launches for the time being. The unsold inventory for now is not reached a point where it may hurt the developers financially but at some point in time, something will have to give way for the area continues to have a string fundamental demand for housing projects.

Big developers not averse to the situation: It is not that only the small or medium developers are facing lack of sales in the Gurgaon market but even the big names in real estate development like Unitech and DLF are all facing the same dilemma. Developers are slowly focusing their attention on other real estate segments like Noida and greater Noida which have had far more number of retail sales in the first quarter till the situation improves in Gurgaon.

Outlook moderate for the future believe experts: With real estate prices having peaked in Gurgaon and a sort of plateau achieved for the prices, realty experts believe that the situation may stay the same for a long time. The strong fundamental demand for housing in Gurgaon will man that prices are unlikely to go down. In fact the prices will continue their upward trend but with lack of buyers affordability remains an issue which has resulted in sluggish sales as witnessed in the first quarter.

Mid segment projects to remain strong: While premium and low cost housing projects have witnessed sluggish sales, medium or mid segment projects will be driving the growth in Gurgaon in the coming months as a string demand along with affordable prices can usher in improved sales for the cash starved builders .

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Is Gurgaon’s Recent Slowdown In The Real Estate Activity A Concern?

Despite the slowdown in Gurgaon’s real estate market in the recent years, there are high possibilities for some of its localities to fetch high returns from investments done in the area in the coming few years. This is because Gurgaon still offers immense opportunities for its real estate investors.

There are two very prosperous and promising localities in Gurgaon that still have very high demand for residential projects. These two areas are Sohna Road and Golf Course Extension Road. Here are some of the reasons that still make Golf Course Extension Road and Sohna Road high-potential localities for investment in real estates in Gurgaon, which in turn positively affects Gurgaon’s real-estate market in general.

Gurgaon Realty Scene _ CommonFloorGood Infrastructure

Golf Course Extension Road enjoys good connectivity with Sohna Road and South Delhi. In fact it connects Sohna Road with the posh Golf Course Road. These localities in Gurgaon are the home for the affluent classes. Commuting is completely hassle-free in these localities. Sohna Road enjoys proximity to two of the important highways: Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) Expressway and the Gurgaon Expressway or NH-8. Sohna Road also enjoys good connectivity with the Delhi airport.

Good Educational Institutes And Other Civic Amenities

There are several good schools in these localities, like Scottish High, Delhi Public School, and Amity school. The area also enjoys several plush malls like R Mall, Home Mall, Omaxe Mall, and Liberation Mall. The major attraction here is the ‘walk to work’ culture, as many companies are situated close to the residential properties of employees. This is a major contributing factor that leads to prominent real estate investments in the area.


There are several big multinational companies that are targeting Sohna Road as the base for their future offices as compared to other areas in Gurgaon. Sohna Road has been reasonably affordable so far to invest in real estate, though it has seen rapid appreciation lately.

Appreciation Value And Prices Of Real Estates

Gurgaon has upcoming and luxurious township projects in both these areas that boast of all the contemporary amenities. Both Sohna Road and Golf Course Extension Road have projects ranging up to Rs. 12,000 per square foot.

Thus, Gurgaon is still an attractive investment option despite its recent ups and downs in the real estate market. With several major MNCs starting their operations in the city, there is a bright future for the real estate sector in both the above mentioned areas in Gurgaon.

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Golf Course Extension Road And Sohna Road; Flourishing Markets For Property Investment

It is a well known fact that Gurgaon has plenty of real estate opportunities for buyers. Two promising and prosperous areas in Gurgaon that procure great demand for residential properties are Golf Course Extension Road and Sohna Road.

Despite the general slowdown in the real estate market of Gurgaon, there are high chances of fetching great returns from investments in the future. Read on if you are eager to know why Sohna Road and Golf Course Extension Road are worthy localities for property investments in this region.

1. In Terms Of Infrastructure:

Golf Course Extension Road is well connected to south Delhi and Sohna Road, and is the connecting road between the plush Golf Course Road and Sohna Road. These localities are mostly occupied by the high end population of Gurgaon, who enjoy driving here as the roads are wide and hence, commuting becomes hassle-free.

Good schools such as Amity School, DPS, and Scottish High are situated in this locality. Several malls such as Liberation Mall, Omaxe Mall, Home Mall, and R Mall are located here as well. The major attraction here is the ‘walk to work’ culture, as many companies are situated close to the residential properties of employees. This is a major contributing factor that leads to prominent real estate investments in the area.

2. In Terms Of Residential Projects:

Many projects are coming up in these 2 localities and subsequently, attracting many buyers to the region.
Some of the renowned projects in Golf Course Extension Road are:
● Emerald Floors, which comprises of 3 and 4 BHK apartments, priced in the range between Rs 97 lakhs to 1.19 crores.
● M3M Latitude, which has 3 and 4 BHK apartments that cost between Rs 2.37 to 3.6 crores.
● Unitech Close North, which consists of 3, 4, and 5 BHK apartments that are priced at Rs 1.9 crore onwards.
● Ireo Uptown, which provides 2,3,4, and 5 BHK apartments that fall in the price range between Rs 84 lakhs to 2.6 crores.

Popular projects on Sohna Road include:

● M3M Marina, which consists of 2 and 3 BHK apartments that are priced anywhere between Rs 79 lakhs to 1.09 crores.
● Supertech Hues, which comprises of 1,2,3, and 4 BHK apartments that are priced in the range between Rs 36 lakhs to 1.27 crores.
● CHD Avenue 71, which provides 2,3, and 4 BHK apartments that cost between Rs 74 lakhs to 1.29 crores.
● Tulip Ivory, which has 4,5, and 6 BHK apartments that fall in the Rs 1.37 to 4.5 crore price bracket.

3. In Terms Of Real Estate Prices And Appreciation Values:

The townships that are developing in both these areas are luxurious by nature and boast of a plethora of amenities. Golf Course Extension Road is currently witnessing capital values at rates between Rs 9,500 to 12,000 per sq ft, while the residential values of Sohna Road are in the price range between Rs 8,400 to 11,000 per sq ft.

Golf Course Extension Road experienced a price appreciation of 26% in the January to March quarter of 2015, whereas the price appreciation at Sohna Road was 28% for the same period. The rental rates are higher on Sohna Road for 1,2, and 3 BHK apartments, as compared to the rates at Golf Course Extension Road. As a result, there is definitely a bright future in the real estate sector for both areas, and real estate players are attracted to the potential and prosperity that their markets hold.

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Insight On Gurgaon’s Changing Real Estate Market

The once booming real estate market of Gurgaon has been witnessing some unfavorable developments that are slowly affecting its credibility as the ‘go-to investment avenue’. Read on to discover the reasons behind Gurgaon’s changing real estate market.

gurgaonGurgaon, one of the leading financial and industrial cities in the country, has had its share of ups and downs. With the sudden boom in the number of MNC’s in the city to the growing security concerns, especially with regard to women’s safety, the city has seen it all. Recently, there has been a gradual slowdown in the realty market growth, and that has worried a lot of potential investors. Here is a detailed report, chronicling the changing real estate market of Gurgaon.

The Barrier: Stagnating Market

In the last few months, Gurgaon has been witnessing a disconcerting slowdown in all real estate activity. A few years ago, there were new residential projects that were being launched every other week, but now, there is a quiet lull in the realty market with no major projects being announced.  Another worrisome fact is the number of unsold projects in the city. This is sending a distress signal to potential investors who are rethinking their decision of investing in Gurgaon. Market spectators have been keenly anticipating the policies to be launched by the new government of Haryana. This has also led to a break of sorts in any substantial real estate development.

The Rationale: Falling Demand For Property

Reading about the various issues plaguing the real estate market of the city can be discouraging, but a proper understanding of the problem and its cause can be insightful. The lack of new residential projects and offices can be attributed to the fact that the city simply doesn’t have a strong demand for housing projects and office spaces anymore. A big reason for the latter are the excessive property prices in the city, which have prompted the offices to shift to cheaper, tier II cities.

The Way Out: Price Correction

There are many ways to stop the condition of the real estate market from worsening. The most effective way is by adjusting the property prices. Since the main reason for the stagnating real estate market is unrealistic property prices, bringing the price down should be the priority. Another important thing that should be done is an extensive market research, looking at the various trends in the market, while closely following the factors that affect the market. Also, since it’s been almost 5 months since the new government was formed, you can expect some positive movement in the market, with new fiscal and monetary policies being announced.

While what is happening in Gurgaon is obviously not desirable, it doesn’t warrant jumping to extreme conclusions. A wait and watch approach would be ideal, at this juncture. Check out for an array of promising property options in Gurgaon.

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Gurgaon Builder Sold Their Requisite Land To The Ansal Group

There are more than 400 investors from the zone of NCR and Delhi, who had already booked the flats in the zone of Gurgaon housing project zone and it, can also help in depositing 25% of the zone of cost upfront. These are associated with the demanding investigation related with the multi-crore fraud areas, related with the developers for allegedly associated with the sold off, related with the project land. The Cosmos City project, in the sector of 103 of the Dwarka Expressway and it was launched with the Adel Landmarks in the year 2011.

The investors also said that the developers are planning to collect 55-crore rupees, before trying to sell off the plot of the second phase of the project, which was associated with the Ansal Housing in the time of early 2013. Ansal is going to launch the Flagship Highland Park related with the project of the land along with the completion rate of 20%, associated with the construction. This notification is allotted with the booking startups, which can act in your favor. These are some of the latest developmental runs, which you can try and get hold of, while planning to focus towards the major option of Ansal project plans.

All 432 investors said that they had already deposited an amount of 25% for the total apartment cost while the rest is with the possession, of the same. They also claim to the fact that Adel has not yet provided any sort of confirmed answer for their demands, of a reputed demand of their monetary service. On the other hand, the TOI has also tried their level best to contact the Ansal Housing, as well as Adel Landmarks, but all their calls, as well as messages, have gone unanswered. All the investors, who already made their 25% of the entire booking segment has stated that for booking the flats in advance, under the 103 sector, they want some money back.

According to the investors, they are quite shocked to get the news about the new launch of the Ansal project, where their own flats were supposed to come up. As per one of the investors, “After we paid a lump sum percentage of 25%, the company made it a point to give both allotment letters and also receipts. But, on the other hand, since the time 2011, there has been no such movement made on the reliable project. We visited their offices, more than once, but with vain, as they were not ready to share any information with us. On the other hand, they also refused to offer any builder and buyer agreement plan to us.”

Thus, from the above mentioned points and comments made by the investors, it can be well stated that the company is going to sell the land, associated with the development license. Thus, this is creating a new buzz, at this present condition, which is associated with the builder-buyer agreement. There was no relevant document available, at that point of time. These are some of the latest news feed to avail while dealing with Gurgaon segment.

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Plans To Introduce Infrastructural Developments Underway In Gurgaon

There has been a call for the development of Gurgaon in the coming time in its sub-regional centers. The population of the city is increasing every day and with it the need for better infrastructure. With all the different facilities such as better roads and a wider network to connect them to the different parts of the NCR, it is expected to make it better place to live in the future. The existing population apart, there will be a huge explosion in the near future which will drive the business and real estate of the region. It can easily be said that Gurgaon and its neighboring city of Faridabad will see the maximum of the increase in the numbers.

The population of Gurgaon is expected to double up in the next 7 years, i.e. it will be over 30 lakhs as opposed to the current position of 15 lakhs. There will also be a boom in the population of Faridabad which will drive the population by an additional 10 lakhs from the 18 lakhs it is currently to about 28 lakhs by the same period of time. This time, they want to be prepared and not get caught with the tag of having half-completed jobs in the long term. When it was developed, Gurgaon ended up with half jobs done and having to make do with what they had at the time. Even though the city became one of the hottest areas for real estate, there was always the underlying fact that there were lots of unfinished works remaining that was a blot on the image of the Millennium City.

The sub regional plans to be formulated had been driven by the need for better power supply and added network of usable roads which will enable to distribute the population along the city and give better options for the residents of the city as well as make it possible to get the new residents settled in quickly and without much hassle. The main problems that were faced here was the lack of public transport and basic amenities which still makes people reluctant to go to Gurgaon. Power cuts are a fact of life here and the administration was lax to say the least. With a lot of benefits which have been announced by the Union Ministry, it has become possible to revamp the infrastructure and make it come up to the scale it was supposed to.

There are also plans to build small airports in the adjoining areas which will alleviate the travel and transport problems of the city. The airports are expected to be built in the regions of Jhajjar, Rewari and Sonipat. These plans had been mentioned in the plan for integrated transportation facilities for the whole of NCR. The area around Gurgaon is still largely in the undeveloped or underdeveloped stages making it the perfect vehicle to get the ball rolling. Many regional expressways are also planned to be widened to accommodate 4 lanes in the next three years and to 6 lanes by the end of the next 7 years.

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HUDA Asked To Remove Encroachments Near Ambience Mall By Court

The Highway Administrator’s court has released an order to the Haryana Urban Development Authority, the administrative organization manning the Gurgaon settlements, to remove the illegal structures and encroachments from the vicinity of the Ambience Mall. The ruling was in response to a petition filed by Col. Retd. S.C. Talwar, who had filed it in the court of the NHAI (National Highway Authority of India).

The petitioner had suggested that there should be a divider set up to ease traffic between the DLF Square building and Sirhaul Toll Plaza. There were also complaints against the illegally built structures which were obstructing traffic and making a general nuisance, in general. There was difficulty in turning the vehicles towards the housing section of the mall called the Ambience Island which was causing a lot of problems to the residents, the petitioner one among them.

Many resident commuters were facing problems in driving along the highway with the interstate travelers. The encroachments were reducing the space for travelling by just two lanes on the expressway and the rest were being wasted completely.

It should be remembered here that the mall is located right on the NH8 expressway and right at the Delhi- Gurgaon border, therefore, seeing a lot of traffic here. Not only the residents of the both cities but also the traffic arriving from the city of Jaipur travel through the road because the exact portion where the mall is located is on the side of Delhi-Jaipur Expressway. The mall and the residential colonies of the Ambience Island Township have been having the problems for a very long time but so far nothing was being taken care of by the builders or the authorities, forcing them to approach the NHAI Court.

The court directed the HUDA to get the encroachments removed within seven days from the ruling, which had been after serving notice to the authority, on May 20. The residents of Ambience Island residential properties had all been present at the hearing to lend their support to the petition filed by Talwar.

The court cited the mental and emotional trauma, unending inconvenience, pollution and loss of fuel and the added costs of all these problems, caused due to the primary problem of the usurpation of the land illegally. It also referred to the loss that was being endured by the state exchequer and the damage being caused to the road itself to declare strict penalties in the absence of haste in complying with the order.

The mall official denied the receipt of any such intimation to have been received by them, and agreed to comment only after receiving such documentation. The court later allowed HUDA time until June 10 to get a reply, but there has nothing been heard as of yet. They have been warned with strict penalty in case of failure to comply with the directive but as of yet there has been no response. The administrator of HUDA, P.C. Meena was not available for comment, even after being directly responsible for taking the corrective steps.

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Angry Mob Dismantles the Demolition Team Of MCG In Gurgaon

Things came to a head on conflict between the Municipal Commissioner’s team and angry villagers when the former went in to demolish the illegal buildings of the villagers. The MCG and the team of policemen, who had been demolishing the buildings in the vicinity of the massive blaze which had destroyed the shanties of over 1000 inhabitants, were forced to run for cover or risk being beaten up by the mob.

In the afternoon of the same day, at about 1, a massive fire had engulfed the shanties which were built in the area. The victims of the said fire had been mostly women and children, who have now been rendered homeless and with nothing to call their own. In the midst of such tension, the MCG, Praveen Kumar arrived, with a full team of policemen and officials, for the demolition of the illegal constructions, without any prior intimation. That act went beyond the oil stage and became the propane poured into the fire. The angry and distraught mob reacted to the reportedly insensitive action, in a way they felt was appropriate.

The mob seemed to have not done anything when the first phase of the demolitions was taking place. However, when the MCG started on the next stage of demolitions, they allegedly asked for some time to remove their belongings, to which the MCG agreed. Instead, the villagers charged the officials once they had got time to join forces. The MCG and his officials had no time to react when they were pelted with stones and beaten up. Many ran for cover, but not all were as lucky as a few of them were injured. They took shelter with the DLF Phase III police station or in the homes that opened their doors in sympathy.

The tension has been brewing for a long time as this is not the first time that the MCG has had been at the receiving end of the villager’s ire. Earlier in February a similar incident in Nathupura had led to the MCG having to retreat but this time due to the precipitate actions many firefighters were also hurt. They were there on a rescue mission for the fire victims and got beaten up for their efforts. Two fire engines were also torched and the halogen lamps installed for clearing the debris were also broken.

The next course of action undertaken by both the sections was registering cases against each other at the DLF Phase III police station. The MCG was charged with effecting demolition without any prior notification and there were about 200 villagers who gathered around the police station demanding action against him. The villagers were charged with many different accounts, even rioting. There is a widespread dissent against the MCG for his methods where a senior official was known to have said that Mr Kumar ordered the demolition when so many people were already distressed. He also said that the latter never listens to anyone. It seems that Mr. Kumar should begin analyzing consequences before setting off mines to avoid future clashes of this nature.

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